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Welcome to LazyTown

Get up and move!

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is the original unofficial community for fans of the hit kid's show, LazyTown!

Welcome to LazyTown,
A place were you'll wanna stay!
Things are upside down here in LazyTown!
Adventure's just a moment away!

Welcome, new LazyTown citizens! I know we're just gonna have a blast together!

To become a member of our community, please click on the join button above.

Posting Rules

This is a kid-friendly community; watch the language, no crass memes, adult fanfiction, etc. Behave yourselves!
Do not spam, and stay on-topic. No introduction posts, please.
Please use proper English, including grammar and punctuation. Spell-check is your friend! No chatspeak, please.
If your English isn't very good, make your post bi-lingual (as in both English & your language). Someone here is bound to figure out what you're trying to say!
Keep outside arguments outside. This is a happy community and we want to keep it that way!
Respect the moderators/admins.
This should go without saying, but follow the LiveJournal TOS.
Cast and crew members have watched us in the past, so keep this in mind when posting!

Image/File Rules

All images must be hosted on your own webspace (no hotlinking!).
All images larger than 200 x 300 pixels must be under an LJ-cut.
No warez/cracks/CD codes/illegal programs.
No pirating other fans' work; just provide a link and credit the person/source. Warning: This offense is an instant ban!
Always credit your sources.
Check the Memories/Tags before posting requests.

If You Break The Rules

Minor infractions equal a Posting Probation. You will not be allowed to post for a specified amount of time.
If you continue to break rules after Probation, you will likely be Banned. You may appeal this decision once.
Permanent Banning is for serious cases like posting NSFW content, illegal files, or royally ticking off your Moderators.

Your Moderation Team

hamatokameko: Administrator. Also manages lazyclaims & lazyicon.
razothredfire: Post Moderation, Comment Reviewing, and pretty much everything else.
tehsp0rk: Post Moderation, Comment Reviewing, and more.
dreaminganita: Memories Maintainance and Welcome Wagon
merlin55: Post Moderation, Comment Reviewing, Goodies Ferreting and Tag Maintenance

Affiliated Communities & Links

LazyTown.com (Official Site)
DeviantArt: LazyTown Fanclub
good_to_be_bad (Robbie Rotten fan comm)
la_x (monthly art/fiction exchange)
lazyclaims (LT claims)
lazycrack (cracked LT ideas)
lazyicon (LT icons)
lazyscouts (Strictly canon, kid-friendly)
lazytown_fanfic (LT fanfiction)
lazytownrequest (LT requests go here)
lazyvids (LT fanvids & vid requests)

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Last Updated November 17, 2016, 1:01 AM PST.