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Dan & Dave Buck, Card Flourish Masters!

I was working on my website, LazyTown Links (almost ready for re-launch), this morning, when I came across something particularly interesting. Well, two somethings, actually: Dan & Dave Buck, twins known for their mastery and innovation in the world of card tricks!

And here's where it gets really neat: the pair perform as doubles for Sportacus during his "Supermove" card trick segments (presumably for LazyTown Extra?)!

Icelandic Interview with the pair:
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Starting Fresh

I've been giving it a lot of thought, and the rift in the LazyTown fandom saddens me greatly. As such, and as I'm cleaning up and updating the community (as well as lazyclaims and lazyicon), I've decided I'd like to make the first step towards mending that rift, if the other parties are willing to make the effort as well.

All previously bans to lazytown have been lifted as of this post.

I want to extend both apology for any faults on my end and extend a hopeful hand of friendship to the parties (largely many members of the Get Lazy forums) opposite who were involved in old incidents. It's been several years now, and I think we've all had time to think about things with a cool head and grow up a bit, and I think now is a good time to bring the LazyTown community back together as a whole, in the spirit friendship and cooperation that LazyTown itself teaches us.

I hope you'll all join me in making the LazyTown community as a whole a better, happier, friendlier place.

-HamatoKameko, Admin, LazyTown @ LiveJournal
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Wow, We're Six Years Old!

Wow! Hard to believe this community has recently passed it's SIXTH birthday!

Things have been pretty quiet on the LazyTown front for some time now, though  LazyTown Live! The Pirate Adventure made its way around the UK and Ireland last year, and while I've no confirmation that it did, there were at least plans for a Spanish-language LazyTown Live! to tour the United States earlier this year. (Anyone have any info, or see it for themselves?)

I have some exciting news! According to The Official Page for LazyTown on Facebook, LazyTown "has recently signed a five year period with the BBC"! Does that mean new episodes? We can only hope.

I'll be honest, I myself have fallen well behind in LazyTown news, but I'm working to fix that. I also plan to do some much-needed spring-cleaning (well, fall-cleaning) in the community, including a new theme, redesigned profile, going over the administrator, moderator, and user lists to remove mods who have moved on and users who are no longer active on LJ. I also just founded LazyTown over at DreamWidth, and while I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it right this moment, I intend it to be a sister to this community and will cross-post news posts there as well. If you've got a DreamWidth account, feel free to hop over and join us there as well!

This brings me to my next point. All mods and admins, if you could comment on this post I would be very grateful. I need to know who is still doing their duties, who is still interested, and who would like to pass the torch to someone else. This includes the following people: razothredfire , tehsp0rk , zx2_152 , dreaminganita , notoriousmdc , and merlin55 . Thanks, guys!

I'm also going to try to organize the LazyTown goodies I have stowed away. I unfortunately lost a lot in a hard drive crash, and I don't currently have access to my backup discs, but I'll go through what I've got and recover as much as I can to make available.

I also want to thank enganchada in particular for her many news posts this summer. I appreciate everyone for their posts, but I have to say that enganchada has gone above and beyond with links to multiple articles, and even letting us know of a brand new song! Thanks!