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April 20th, 2015

Well This place sure is dead @ 03:10 pm

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Date:May 27th, 2015 12:28 pm (UTC)
"I assumed this livejournal would have had SOME activity but I guess not, it seems the fandom has more or less completely died here in the U.S. sadly."

Well, you're not wrong. I think it largely comes down to the fact that the show isn't really being merchandised in the States, like... at all. Except for some incredibly cheap print-on-demand looking junk on what is -supposedly- Sprout's store (not sure it is really what it claims, since the Sprout website doesn't even link to it that I can find). :/ And it airs on Sprout, but I don't watch tv hardly at all so I rarely catch it.

And on a personal note, while I still adore the series, I somehow have not managed to get around to watching the episodes since Chloe Lang came aboard, which is kind of ridiculous considering I run the main LazyTown community on LiveJournal. In fact I'm not certain I've even seen all of season 2. What kind of fan am I?? Seriously falling down on the job!!! I really should put some time towards binge watching on YouTube or something.

I knew Magnus was stepping down as Sportacus, but I didn't know Stefan was leaving, too! I can see a new Sportacus coming in, that makes sense with the whole legacy thing, but Robbie seems awfully hard to replace unless they just bring in a new character altogether, but that would severely change the show.

Cute pic! :D