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Ask Me Anything: Mark Valenti, Head Writer for Lazytown

From the Front Page today, Friday, August 24.

IAmA head writer for the world's most expensive children's television show - LazyTown. AMA.

My name is Mark Valenti but I write for the show under the names of my sons, Noah and Zachary. I've been with the show since '04. We shoot on a production stage in Iceland, next to a lava field.

AMA is Redditese for "Ask Me Anything." If you wish to ask Mark Valenti a question, you will need to register with The AMA threads only tend to be "alive" for a few days, so don't be slow if you want to ask a question about the show! Post your questions and his replies here!

Also, as "proof" he was who he said he was, Mark Valenti posted a photo of himself and Stefán Stefánsson (Robbie Rotten), taken in December 2011.

Update: I posted some questions and Valenti answered them right away. See first reply post for the questions/answers.

Come on guys! Post some questions and show your enthusiasm for the program!
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