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Welcome to LazyTown

Get up and move!

February 19th, 2011

Lazywiki and Lazytown on Wikipedia @ 12:14 pm

Lazywiki and the regular entry on Lazytown over at Wikipedia are both in serious need of updates and additions. Neither have mention of the " Go Step Go" single, Lazytown Festival event, The Viacom/Nickjr situation (this would be very helpful to people who are still wondering where the series disappeared too)....and according to the wikipedia article...its airing currently on nickjr? (yeeah..suuuure.) lol.

I updated a bit but am not very good at it so if anyone wants to help update feel free. It would be great to have more detailed info on those sites about US and Foreign merchandise, the original Icelandic books Magnus wrote, and changes to the episodes in various countries.
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